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BestTechie - 12/02/2017
iFlicks review: how to organize your movies on macOS
iFlicks is a great macOS app that makes it super simple to organize your movie and TV library–it offers advanced metadata collection features as well as the ability to quickly convert without loss (or if there is, very minimal) to quality of the video file. It also has more advanced workflow features built-in as well, such as the ability to watch particular folders for new video content and automate tasks using rules and scripts.

MacSources - 07/08/2016
iFlicks is the easiest way to add metadata to movies
iFlicks 2 is a one-stop-shop for making your movie and TV show files perfect. iFlicks 2 is all about metadata. The developers have designed the interface so that it’s easy to follow and use.

ReviewMacSoftware - 05/27/2015
iFlicks 2
iFlicks 2 meets all my requirements. It supports bulk operations, it looks up the metadata online (I think from themoviedb.com and thetvdb.com) and is extremely intelligent in it’s lookup plus it operates on bulk imports. So, lets look at it a little closer;

Tools & Toys - 04/23/2015
iFlicks 2
iFlicks 2 is my favorite app for converting movies and TV shows while also embedding metadata, artwork, and subtitles.

Apple Daily Report - 04/10/2015
Need to import video into Mac OS X? Check out iFlicks

AppDucate - 12/22/2014
iFlicks – best & easiest way to convert media to iTunes

MacWebWorld - 12/23/2013
iFlicks 2 Review – Video Convertor and Metadata Editor For iTunes

MacLife - 11/21/2013
iFlicks 2 Launches in Mac App Store with Discounted Pricing Until Dec. 8

Macworld - 07/03/2013
Mac Gems: iFlicks tags and converts video files for iTunes with finesse

TidBITS - 01/10/2013
iFlicks Improves iTunes Imports

Cult of Mac - 05/29/2012
How To Get New TV Shows On Your iPad, Automatically [How-To]

AppStorm - 02/01/2010
iFlicks: The Ultimate Way to Handle Movies, TV Shows & iTunes

Tools & Toys

iFlicks A Good Tool For Importing Video

iFlicks gets your videos into iTunes, effortlessly


Cult of Mac - 04/18/2015
Add all your videos to your iTunes library with iFlicks

Matt Gemmell - 04/06/2015

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