Large File Size Support

The Large File Size Support option determines if 64bit data support is used when writing the video file. Enabling this option allows video files to have a size larger than 4GB. This can be necessary when processing HD video files.

When using Apple Devices, you can safely leave this option enabled at all times. Other players like Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, ... do not support this feature and won't play the resulting files when enabled.

iFlicks automatically disables this option, when it is confident that the video can not be larger than 4GB, no matter which preset is used. To adjust this behavior, you can use the integrated rules to set this option based on file size, preset or other parameters.

Warning: If the Large File Size Support option is not enabled and the newly created file will be over 4GB, it will not be playable.

Note: This option was added to iFlicks 2.1.

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