iFlicks 2 offers a selection of presets to convert videos. In most cases, just using the iTunes compatible preset is sufficient and for most HD Video material the fastest option.


iTunes compatible

All video content is made compatible with iTunes the fastest way possible. Most H.264 are kept as they are and copied to the new file without quality loss. All other video formats are encoded at the original resolution.

Stereo audio tracks are encoded to AAC if required, For surround tracks one surround AC-3  and one Stereo AAC track is created for best compatibility.

Videos converted with the preset will be compatible with iTunes, but are playable on most recent Apple Devices as well (depends on the exact input video content). In case a file is not compatible, please use an appropriate preset instead.


Video content is encoded at a resolution up to 720 x 576 and all audio content is reduced to Stereo. This preset allows for compatibility with a wide range of devices and is great for encoding SD video material at a decent speed.


This preset is dedicated to old iPod models. Video is encoded to a low resolution file with 320 x 480 pixels. Audio is encoded to Stereo AAC at 128kbit/s.


Similar to the iPod preset, but at a slightly higher resolution of 460 x 320. Suitable for older iPhone models.


Video is encoded to a resolution of up to 1280 x 720 with Stereo AAC sound.

Apple TV

This preset is dedicated to the original Apple TV. Video is encoded to a resolution of up to 960 x 720 with specific parameters to allow playback on this older device. Audio tracks are available in AC-3 for Surround and AAC for Stereo.

Apple TV 2

Video is encoded at up to 1280 x 720 (720p), with AC-3 Surround and AAC Stereo. This preset is geared towards the second generation Apple TV, but give a good balance between file size and video quality for general use.

HD 1080p

Video is encoded at up to 1920 x 1080 (1080p), with AC-3 Surround and AAC Stereo. Content created with this preset is compatible with iTunes and all of the latest iPhone/iPad models.


Additionally for mp4/m4v files the following presets are available:

Update Metadata

Metadata inside the file will be updated. No other changes are possible using this preset. If you want to add/edit/remove tracks, use the iTunes compatible preset instead.

Update Metadata and Rename

Same as Update Metadata, but it is also possible to rename the file.

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