Supported Subtitle Formats

iFlicks has support for soft subtitles built in. This includes processing soft subtitles that are embedded the video file to be processed and integration of external subtitle files.

Existing subtitles in the file to be processed will automatically be carried over if they are in a compatible format (like SubStation Alpha).

iFlicks will also try to add external subtitle files (SubStation Alpha (.ass, .ssa) and SubRip (.srt)) if they have exactly the same name as the video file.

There are two other types of subtitles that you might encounter, but are not supported by iFlicks directly. The one are burned-in subtitles, which are included directly in the video stream and can not be removed. The other ones are bitmap subtitles like DVD VobSub. In the second case it is recommended to add a more flexible subtitle track from a different source (see dedicated article).

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