The Queue

The Queue in iFlicks will become visible when activating the Queue Button on the top left corner of the iFlicks window. It will also be shown automatically when starting processing of a video file. The Queue itself contains items that have finished processing, are currently processing and are waiting to start processing.

Items inside the queue can be dragged around to change the order in which they will be processed. When doing so the current video will continue processing until it has finished before iFlicks continues processing in the new order.

Clearing the queue is possible by clicking the - symbol in the bottom left corner, when no item is selected. Alternatively the Clear ⌘⌫ command from the Edit menu can be used.

While doing the video conversion iFlicks will show the approximated remaining time on top of the cover. This time includes only the remaining time for the video muxing/encoding step.

In case optimization for Web Streaming was enabled, this will be executed after the video processing. While optimizing the video file, the globe symbol will flash on top of the cover.

While the video is being added to iTunes a flashing iTunes symbol is visible on top of the cover.

Once all processing steps for a video have finished, a green check mark is displayed on top of the cover.

Under certain circumstances iFlicks completes processing successfully, but has some warnings. This state is indicated by a orange check mark on top of the cover. The details sidebar will contain some more information about the warning in this case.

If processing failed due to some unforeseen reason, this is indicated by a red exclamation mark on top of the cover. In this case you will also see more detailed information about the problem in the details sidebar.

Error and warning messages iFlicks generates during processing are displayed in the Details section of the Details sidebar.

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