Droplets can be used in a similar fashion as watch folders, but have the benefit that the file is not moved to a specific folder first.
-- this sub-routine processes files 

on process_item(this_item)

tell application "iFlicks 2"

open this_item

repeat with this_video in videos

-- get the newly added video

if file of this_video as string is this_item as string then

-- modify settings and metadata

set comment of this_video to "Added by droplet"

-- start processing

start this_video

end if

end repeat

end tell

end process_item

The above code shows the core part of the droplet that calls into iFlicks. In this sample the file is merely added to iFlicks and later on the comment modified and processing started.

In a similar fashion it would be possible to adjust the preset and do other modifications before processing.

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