HD-SD Combos in iTunes

To accomplish that your Movies or TV Shows show up as HD-SD combos in iTunes, a couple of things are necessary:

  1. You need SD and and HD version of the movie, both tagged as such.
  2. The content ID of both files needs to match.

The basic steps to do this, assuming that you are starting out with just a HD version of the video file, are:

  1. Add the video file to iFlicks twice and make sure Metadata is found.
  2. Set the Definition of the first item to SD and select a fitting preset like Universal.
  3. Set the Definition of the second item to HD 720p or HD 1080p.
  4. Make sure the content ID of both items matches.
  5. Press start.

Note: It is important that you do a fresh import into iTunes, otherwise iTunes does not pick up all tags reliably. It is also recommended to add the SD version before the HD version to make sure iTunes uses both files.

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