Version 1.4

iFlicks Version 1.4 is a significant update bringing many new features and improvements. The most significant being, that iFlicks is now able to create Video files from H.264 video content (most mkv, flv) that will be directly playable on Apple Devices. This is done by muxing the video content and creating compatible audio tracks, which cuts the processing time to a fraction. More information regarding this topic can be found here

Besides this, iFlicks brings an improved integration into iTunes and many other smaller improvements, like a new Queue window, overall faster encoding, native surround and soft subtitle support as well as improved support for some filetypes.

New Features

  • Muxing of H.264, AC-3 and AAC tracks to m4v files
  • Improved H.264 encoding
  • Encoding of surround audio to AC-3
  • Support for multiple surround and stereo audio tracks
  • Support for soft subtitles
  • Better integration into iTunes using the Services menu
  • Improved sleek Queue window with advanced controls 


  • Improved presets for Apple Devices
  • Improved support for mkv videos
  • Removed dependency on QuickTime and Perian
  • Translation updates
  • Interface improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Complete 64-bit support
  • Fixed memory leaks and crashes
I also want to use this place to thank all of my wonderful beta testers. You are the ones bringing many great ideas to my attention, keeping me motivated and sometimes giving me the necessary push to improve some details of iFlicks. Thanks  again to all of you. I very much appreciate your effort.
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