Rule Actions

The actions part of each rule specifies what should be done if the rule conditions are met.

There are actions to modify all of the available metadata fields, but it is possible to run custom scripts or adjust processing option as well.

For most actions to set metadata attributes you can use tags, which are explained in more details in the dedicated knowledge base entry.

Besides setting metadata attributes there are a few actions that deserve more explanation

Automatically start processing
This actions lets you disable automatic processing for files added through watch folders. This can be desired if no metadata was found by the automatic lookup for example.

Enable automatic metadata lookup
This action allows to enable/disable automatic metadata lookup. You might not want to do automatic lookup for home videos for example.

Remove all Subtitle Tracks
In case you do not want any subtitle tracks in the created video files, you can use this option to remove all subtitle tracks.

Remove all Surround Audio Tracks
In specific cases you might want to remove all surround audio tracks to reduce file size. This action will help you automatize this task.

Run Apple Script
This option allows to run custom Apple Scripts in order to further customize processing.

Use DVD Order
Sometimes it is helpful to number TV Shows according to according to DVD Order on TheTVDB. Using this option you can make sure this order is also used for lookup.
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