Creating Rules

You can add Rules through the Rules tab in the Preferences.

Here you have three options available when your rules will be run.

On File Load
Directly after the file was added to iFlicks, but before any metadata search was started. At this point iFlicks has done its own filename parsing and setup already.
This allows you to do custom filename parsing or adjust show names to correct automatic lookup.

After Metadata Update
The rules in this section are run right after iFlicks has finished metadata lookup (automatic as well as user triggered). You can use this to specify options based on the result of the metadata lookup as all the final metadata is available at this point.

After Processing
The last step where iFlicks runs rules is after all processing has finished. At this point all the metadata is fixed, but you can still run custom Apple Scripts to show messages or trigger other tasks.

The list on the left side shows all the available rules with the custom name you have set. You can also temporarily deactivate rules here.

Add Rule
Opens a sheet to create a new rule.

Open a sheet to edit the selected rule. Double-clicking the a rule has the same effect.

Makes a copy of the selected rule

Removes the selected rule
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